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We're bringing the Greatest Show On Earth to Abingdon in Autumn 2016. That’s right folks! You’ll see Jumbo, the world’s largest living elephant standing alongside Joice Heth, the world’s oldest woman, carrying General Tom Thumb, the world’s smallest man, onto the stage of the Amey Theatre. And all this will be introduced by Mr P. T. Barnum himself, the master of flimflam!!

We’re so pleased to have secured the rights to produce the magnificent Barnum in Abingdon in the Autumn of 2016, right after it’s completed a hugely successful national tour of the UK.

This show is an incredible challenge for any amateur company to produce, as it requires a full range of complex circus skills from every member of the cast, but we’re sure that we’ll make your eyes pop out with death-defying stunts and tricks.

Barnum opened on Broadway in 1980 starring Jim Dale in the title role, before moving to London in 1981 with Michael Crawford taking on this immensely demanding and energetic role.

If you enjoy musical theatre at its very best, don’t be a sucker, make sure you join us for Barnum. You can keep up to date with all the latest news on the show page here.

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Autumn 2016 - The Greatest Show on Earth - Barnum

Spring 2017 - do-be-do-do, do-be-do-be-do-do-be-do-be (repeat)

It’s surely one of the greatest moments in cinema history. Gene Kelly, strolling along the street in the rain, do-be-do-ing happily to himself, before breaking into song and dance and literally Singin’ In The Rain.

The 1952 movie starred Kelly as romantic film star Don Lockwood, along with Donald O’Connor as his friend Cosmo Brown and the 19 year old Debbie Reynolds as Kathy Selden.

In June 1983, Tommy Steele directed and starred in a stage adaptation of the movie, opening at the London Palladium. The show then transferred to Broadway in 1985. Since then there have been several successful revivals on the London stage.

Singin In The Rain is justifiably famous for Gene Kelly’s dancing, but it’s also a laugh-out-loud comedy that’s packed with well-known songs, including ‘Fit As A Fiddle’, ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’, ‘You Are My Lucky Star’, ‘Good Morning’, and of course, the title song itself.

AOS will cast and start rehearsing the show in November 2016, but you can be sure that our backstage crew are already wrestling with the challenge of pouring hundreds of gallons of water onto the Amey Theatre stage each night. Find out more on the Future Show page here.