About Us


What can we tell you about us? We’re a friendly amateur musical society based in the market town of Abingdon, set in the rolling greenery of rural Oxfordshire. We aim to produce two musical shows each year to the highest standards of professionalism. We’re a registered charity and, as well as providing enjoyment to our members, we’re committed to bringing live musical theatre to our audience in and around Abingdon.

Abingdon Town Hall
Abingdon Town Hall, Oxfordshire.

There’s a strange sense of pride to be involved in a society that has kept going for sixty years from small beginnings, and whose members have worked tirelessly together to make the regular two productions a year we now stage a success. What becomes clear is that AOS isn’t a faceless entity, but is instead the sum of its members at any one time. It would be wonderful if AOS is still with us in another forty years to celebrate its centenary, but this will only happen if the current members show the commitment that our first members showed, and new members are continually encouraged to join and enjoy being part of the family that is AOS.

So whether it’s just for five minutes while surfing or fifty years of membership, you’re welcome to AOS.

Bringing Live Musical Theatre to Abingdon